Tell us why you feel you or your company should win your chosen category (minimum 700 words).

Include as much information as possible about why you think you are the winner in your chosen field. Evidence of your success is important, as are testimonials, and KPI reports – please send us whatever best supports your entry and please take time to ensure that you have clearly shown how you or your business stands out among your competitors, and that your unique selling point and measure of success is clearly demonstrated.

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700 words minimum but feel free to write more, there is no word limit.

A farm stats form may be sent to you to complete to aid your entry.

Financial statement of your business growth and success to support your entry, can be included where applicable to the category, such as your turnover for the past year, or any other growth indication, such as investment in new avenues of business.



Sponsored by: Lely Atlantic


The overall Dairy Company of the Year, chosen by the judging panel on the judging day, winner of the John Beckett Memorial Cup.

Criteria – any company working in the UK dairy chain.

What are our judges looking for?

A company working in the dairy industry, 

contributing to the success of the dairy 

industry, you will demonstrate that as a direct result of your business, and the activity, product or service you offer, 

your contribution to the industry is an exemplary one. You will be investing in and confident of a bright future for dairy. 

You can enter this category, but judges will also make their choice from all 

companies entering all categories.

Category Judge

Andrew Purnell, DCD Manager, Lely


Sponsored by: Lely Atlantic


Nomination or self entry.

Criteria – an individual positively promoting UK dairy.

What are our judges looking for?

An individual who represents the industry at a national level, is respected by their peers and shows a driving ambition to promote the dairy industry in a positive, creative and successful way to various 

audiences. The award is specifically for a dairy farmer, but others may be considered if the application is exceptional. 

The person could be a private individual or represent an organization or company.

Category Judge

Michael Oakes, Dairy Board Chairman, NFU

About the judge 

A tenant farmer on the southern outskirts of Birmingham, Michael milks a closed herd of 180 pedigree Holsteins. He has held various roles within the NFU, as Worcestershire County Chair, West Midlands Regional Board Chair and Council Delegate. Michael has been on the NFU Dairy Board for eight years, two as Vice Chair and two as Chair.


Sponsored by: Arla Foods


Nomination or self entry.

Criteria – UK dairy farmers. Demonstrable measures verified by your records, consultant, vet or other independent member of the industry. 

What are our judges looking for?

We are looking for a farm with high levels of production and cost efficiency across the board plus a strong plan on creating a sustainable future. Whilst maintaining the highest standards of welfare and a consciousness to minimize the use of antibiotics. The above average all-round performance would be demonstrated by KPI records of good physical performance and excellent financial results represented by year-on-year low production costs in pence per litre (eg NMR records, or other equivalent) achieved through effective management of all aspects of the dairy enterprise & examples of sustainability on farm.

Category Judge

Paul Savage, Agricultural Director, Arla Foods UK

About the judge 

Paul has over 20 years’ experience working with globally recognized consumer brands, developing strong commercial relationships and sales results. He is directly responsible for the UK Agricultural team – focused on supporting Arla’s farmer owners with on-farm management as well as Arla’s leading sustainability agenda and commercialization offering.


Sponsored by: KW Feeds


An award for high feed conversion rates on farm – self entry or nomination 

Criteria – UK dairy producers, herd managers. 

What are our judges looking for? 

The essential ingredient to a high performance, healthy herd is accurate nutrition. The ability to achieve the optimum balance is the key to driving feed efficiency. Feed selection and profitability go hand in hand – the correct feeding regime makes a significant difference to milk output, milk quality and of course the sustainability of your herd. It is essential that up-to-date KPIs and costings are submitted with your entry. 

Category Judge 

Anna Sutcliffe, Ruminant Technical Manager, KW Feeds 

About the judge 

A degree in Animal Science from Edinburgh University, followed a PhD from Nottingham University investigating the dynamics of rumen function and the impact of designing rations that synchronized energy and protein supply to the rumen microbiome on cow productivity. Today Anna provides nutritional support and advice to dairy farmer customers for KW Feeds. 


Sponsored by: Virbac


Farmer nomination or self entry. 

Criteria – UK dairy vet (an individual). 

What are our judges looking for? 

We want to recognise those farm vets that have recently started working within the dairy industry: priority to those with 3-5 years in practice. Developing vital skills and services in disease management and mitigation is now seen as a major part of the farm vet role, with a focus on herd health planning to maximise health and wellbeing. The winner will have shown: how they provide practical advice to dairy farmers and herdsmen, whilst working in partnership to meet clear production targets as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Good knowledge transfer skills on business and technology developments. Strong personal communication skills. 

Category Judge 

Eileen Bulloch, Farm National Sales Manager, Virbac 

About the judge 

Eileen has served the veterinary industry for over twenty five years, working closely with vets to provide products and services that are critical to animal welfare. 


Sponsored by: Kite Consulting


Nomination or self entry. 

Criteria – dairy farmers under the age of 35 may enter. 

What are our judges looking for? 

This award looks to celebrate young farmers who are playing an active and leading role in a farm business and we encourage applications from both new entrants and those taking on a lead role in existing businesses. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate that they are having a positive impact on people, the planet and profit in their business and delivering improved technical performance, sustainability and business resilience. 

Category Judge 

Becki Leach, Head of People & Senior Consultant, Kite Consulting 

About the judge 

Becki is Head of People at Kite and specialises in recruitment and people management consultancy. She works with some of the largest and most progressive dairy businesses in the UK, delivering strategic people management advice and enabling leaders to build effective and motivated teams. 



Sponsored by: Trouw Nutrition and Willsbro Holsteins


The winner receives The Anthony Wills Memorial Cup. Nomination or self entry. 

Criteria – UK dairy farmers. 

This new category represents a celebration of new dairy farm construction or redevelopment of existing farm infrastructure. 

Entrants will demonstrate clear business vision for the future and the next generation through investment and will showcase dairy enterprises that are investing effectively for the future.

What are our judges looking for?

The judges will be looking for stand out strategies and then evidence of successful delivery of the strategy in the resulting development or redevelopment.

Category Judges

Mathew Wills, Trevor Birchall, Dr Liz Homer

Mathew Wills is a partner in Wills Brothers and has been actively involved in the development and management of the business – which won three Cream Awards in 2022 – for many years, overseeing the continued evolution of the business.

Trevor Birchall, proprietor of TBA Ltd, is a widely respected dairy nutritionist and consultant with over 40 years experience working with some of the country’s leading dairy farm business.

Dr Liz Homer is Ruminant Technical Development Manager at Trouw Nutrition GB where she develops innovative farm solutions based on the latest R&D.  She is also sustainability lead for TNGB.


Sponsored by: Volac


Nomination by your farm advisor or farm assurance scheme, or self entry.

Criteria – UK dairy farmers.

What are our judges looking for?

The dairy farmer/business that demonstrates proactive health and welfare management of youngstock on farm. The farm herd health plan will be integrated into daily management of the farm, as will the use of records and any initiatives undertaken. A team/inclusive approach in the care of the herd should be demonstrated, with standard protocols for routine tasks, regular team meetings and biosecurity.

Category Judge

John Reynolds, Head of Animal Nutrition, Volac


Sponsored by: Hi Peak Organic Feeds


Looking for a stand-out organic producer

Criteria – UK dairy farmers who operate organic dairy enterprises 

The organic award seeks to recognize excellence in the rapidly growing organic dairying sector. The judges will also consider organic enterprises that have submitted entries in other categories. 

What are our judges looking for? 

A showcase organic dairy farm that is demonstrating business success whilst maintaining the highest standards of health & welfare, fertility rates, good average milk yields, staff engagement. Overall, a progressive organic operator. 

Category Judge 

Andrew Stone, Commercial Manager, 

Hi Peak Organic Feeds 


Sponsored by: Mole Valley Farmers


Self-entry or nomination.

Criteria – UK Dairy farmers making sustainable farm practices a priority.

What are our judges looking for?

This award recognizes the business that is planning and delivering Climate Positive Agriculture. Businesses will need to demonstrate how they have measured their carbon footprint. How have they identified their carbon hotspots, plans and what are their actions going forward to minimize greenhouse gas emissions? How do other areas of their environmental impact such as biodiversity and where carbon sequestration can be improved. Entries are welcome from all farms with any level of environmental foot printing experience.

Category Judge

Matt Witt, Sustainability and Technical Manager, Mole Valley Farmers

About the judge 

After completing his BSc Hons at Harper Adams, he gained an MSc in Animal Nutrition from University of Aberdeen. He has around 30 years of agricultural industry experience and currently works at monitoring and improving the company’s environmental impacts and helping dairy, beef and sheep farmers to do the same.


Sponsored by: British Dairying


Product or business innovation in the dairy chain – self entry. 

Criteria – companies offering products or services. 

What are our judges looking for? 

Innovation drives the industry forward. 

Do you or your company have an innovation you think is worthy of an award, one that could benefit from the positive promotion surrounding such a win? 

This could be a technical mechanical innovation, a high-tech product innovation or management system, robotics technology, an online product or app, or a new medicine, or it could be a new concept/new way of thinking. Please include innovations launched or developed in the last 2 years. 

Judged by the Senior Judging panel 



Sponsored by: Wynnstay


Vitality in the herd – highest standards of health & welfare – effective disease management protocals.

Criteria – UK dairy producers, herd managers. 

What are our judges looking for? 

The judges will be looking for a 

farm business that understands the importance of maintaining consistency across the entire herd. They must show a real commitment to reducing lameness in the herd and be able to clearly demonstrate the measures they have taken which have resulted in very low levels – prevention, early detection and treatment. How does the farm achieve consistent levels of vitality across the herd. What are the strategies in place to ensure high welfare standards – over all cow health, hygiene, preventative disease strategies, environment, husbandry, feed & nutrition protocols and lameness prevention. 

Category Judge

David Howard, Wynnstay Head of Dairy Services

David has over 15 years’ experience in the ruminant feed industry.  His specialties lie in dairy nutrition, robotic milking, lameness in dairy cows, transition cow management and sustainability in dairy production systems. He is also a qualified Cow Signals Master Trainer and is RoMS accredited for mobility scoring of dairy cattle.