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Our 2024 event will be at Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwickshire 5th September 2024.


Winner – Grosvenor Farms

“Our ‘whole farm approach’ has been the focus and has driven our strategy for the last 10 years. It is now providing

32,000,000 litres of milk as well as grains, in a proven financially and sustainable way, said Dairy & Infrastructure Manager

David Craven. Grosvenor Farms are the first business to have won the Cream Awards Cup twice – having been awarded back in 2016.

In the time since, judges noted Grosvenor had maintained a clear and confident vision of the future, backed and supported by an impressive investment plan, maintaining the high standards they had set. “Moving ahead, it will be science and technology as well as genetic gain

that will provide further advancements in our goal to be carbon zero by 2030. We are delighted that the judges have recognised Grosvenor Farms for the second time at the Cream Awards,“ concluded David

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WinnerStocken Farm, Charlotte West

Highly Commended

PJ & PE Ashley & Son, Meadow Bank Farm

Ruth & Stephen Ashley

Highly Commended

Messrs Munday & Munday, Sandford Gate Milk Co.

Jack, David, Debbie & Danielle Munday

Excellent submission, milking 400 cows and calving all year round, judges were impressed with Charlotte and her team, taking the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and the USA and bringing back what she had learned and could be implemented on farm. Not afraid to say where the issues are – leading a calf team that constantly look for ways to improve processes and subsequent health & welfare benefits evident.

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WinnerEA Lovatt & Son, Mark Lovatt, Sutton Lodge Farm

Highly Commended

D&S Gethin, Tom Gethin

The stand-out winner said the category judge.  Exceptional feed efficiency at 1.57 L/kg DM, massive forage intakes and yield from forage achieved. 

Cow comfort and health are paramount with good fertility and very low lameness incidence.  “An easy winner for the category.”

Meticulous forage management from field to cow is helping Mark achieve exceptional milk yields.

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WinnerBrynhyfryd Herd, Charles George

Highly Commended

R&W Gidlow, Springwood Farm, Paul, George, Joanne & Alex

Judges said “To walk on the George farm was an absolute privilege. The investment in the calf units and farm are outstanding as well as investment in the community.” Charles’ focused on milk yields, health and fertility – seeing yields increase from 10,500 to 13,500 litres. Demonstrating sound plans for the future, judges felt Charles had a clear focus for making further improvements in the future.

Sponsored by Trouw Nutrition and Willsbro Holsteins



WinnerGrosvenor Farms

Highly Commended

Beechwood Farms Ltd, Andrew Rees


JF Temple & Son, Copys Green Farm, Stephen & Catherine Temple

Grosvenor Farms has a policy of enhancing the natural environment, balancing economically viable farming with environmental and social responsibility. “We take very seriously our role as custodians of the countryside as well as food producers,” said spokesman David Craven.

“There is no coincidence that having a profitable farming system also corresponds with us reducing our carbon foot-print and reverting land back to areas of biodiversity, that were resource hungry and financially unsustainable.” Judges agreed that the company were an exemplary business leading the way with investment in science and technologies toward a more sustainable future.

Sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers


WinnerEA Lovatt & Son, Mark Lovatt, Sutton Lodge Farm

Highly Commended

Stocken Farm, Charlotte West


PJ Charles, Mount Pleasant Farm, Peter & Emma Charles

“An excellent example of adoption of technology combined with attention to detail”, said judges, “that really does delivers results.  Healthy cows producing 44kg per day and 5,329 litres from forage is testament to high health status, again demonstrated by a pregnancy rate of 27%.” Milk production is averaging 13,000 litres, milking 180 cows through 3 Lely A5 Robots.

Sponsored by Wynnstay


WinnerRH & SM Mason, Merrivale Farm Ben & Lucy Mason

A stunning performance from 175 pedigree Holsteins this organic dairy farm achieves an average milk yield of 10,000 litres using 3 A4 Lely robots.

Managing the grazing system efficiently and getting more milk from forage was paramount to the Masons.  They are now achieving the result with 4,300 litres from forage and looking to the future to make further changes to improve feed efficiency and heifer performance.

Sponsored by HJ Lea Oakes


WinnerRea & Son, Woodfields Farm, Jim & Sheila Hitchon, Sarah Davies

Highly Commended

M&C Davies, New House Farm, Mark & Caroline Davies


PJ & PE Ashley, Meadow Bank Farm, Ruth & Stephen Ashley

Annual average milk yields of 12,866 from 170 pedigree Holsteins, the Hitchon’s demonstrated high production levels with good constituents; productive grassland management and excellent feed efficiency, whilst focussed on cow health and managing biodiversity on the farm, said judges.

Sponsored by Arla Foods


WinnerCharlotte West, Stocken Farm

Highly Commended

Patrick Morris-Eyton, Morris-Eyton & Son, Beckside


Charles George, Brynhyfryd Herd


Charlotte’s submission showed a mind that was considering every aspect of both her role and others in the team at Stocken Farm, and re-evaluating what she saw on the farm, how things worked and how things could be improved, including herself and the way she was perceived. Effective communications within the team driving an understanding at all levels of where good calf protocols end up in business terms.

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WinnerTom Warboys BVetMed PGDipVCP MRCVS

Synergy Farm Health

Highly Commended

Charlie Mays MRCVS

LLM Farm Vets

Tom’s vision is that he can help farmers to understand and improve their sustainability and be an advocate for dairy farming in the wider community. Showing a real concern for client welfare, he has often spent time with clients facing difficult situations such as TB breakdowns and aimed to provide options that enable clients to feel in control. His customers speak very highly of him and his record of influencing change on farm is testament to his knowledge, empathy, and communication skills, said his Manager. 

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WinnerIan Potter

A lifetime in dairy

Earlier this year, the UK dairy industry unexpectedly and very sadly lost one of its most passionate advocates. Ian Potter was a huge contributor to the sector and as a milk quota broker, columnist, commentator and, as a farmer himself, put the interests of dairy farmers first, fighting relentlessly on their behalf for over three decades. Passionate about our sector, he earned huge respect from his peers.

Sponsored by the National Farmers Union


A summary of all the entries is included in this September edition.

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Winner – Dr Graham Shepherd

G Shepherd Animal Health

The aim of the initiative is to provide effective dairy chemicals which improve dairy cow health and reduce the farm’s carbon footprint.  To achieve this the company has developed a re-use system for dairy chemical barrels and IBCs with improved efficiency, coupled with environmental and financial savings. “Remote level sensing for chemical use on farm – this relatively simple innovation brings tracking technology to the farm gate.  The reuse service ensures single use plastics are kept to a minimum.  The remote sensing would be a very useful addition to any busy dairy farmer’s day”– said one judge, “monitoring and organising deliveries, this is also a great idea to help cut transport costs.”


Highly Commended

E Collinson – FeedAlert Silo Monitoring

FeedAlert from Collinson is a new digitised silo feed management system which enables the silo contents to be weighed and provides reliable data for inventory control. Judges found this a simple but useful addition to on-farm monitoring of inputs, particularly as it can be retrofitted to most feed bins. One commented: “With everything that goes on, on the farm it can sometimes be easy to overlook the stocks. To be able to monitor usage to be more efficient and know that the stocks are going down as they should is a simple but effective concept that would aid us massively.”



Highly Commended

Semex UK

Methane Efficiency Evaluation

Every dairy producer now has the chance to assess, monitor and ultimately reduce cow methane emissions and intensity quicker via an exclusive genomic test developed by Semex. The test is 70-80% reliable and the benefits are permanent and cumulative.  The reduction in methane is independent from other traits, including production— Milk, Fat and Protein.

“Leading the way in genomics that put the dairy producer back on the front foot on the carbon debate. This also has the benefit of being used as an industry to show we are reducing our carbon foodprint without sacrificing cattle numbers to achieve it. A very useful extra to current genomic data that will help reduce methane production at source without reducing output.” Commented judges



Commended companies include:


Mastaplex – Mastatest

Feedlync 2.0

Dyneval – Dynescan

Concept Dairy

Animax Tracesure Cattle XL

Envirosystems – EnviroCare Teat


Thank you to our senior judging panel:

David Cotton, Mike King, Sean Rickard, Sarah Tomlinson, Neil Baker, and all our category and innovation judges.

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Our 2024 event will be at Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwickshire 5th September 2024.